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Diversify your client's portfolio with a new alternative asset.

Alternative Assets

Watch brands and its trademarks are increasingly being seen as an investment class in their own right. Swiss watch brands with history are a  bundle of assets, consisting of IP assets,  copyrights of the brand’s history and the legacy of vintage watches.

Each brand exists only once, and once its sold it never comes back. The rarity of each brand guarantees an increasing value, a solid investment with an unsurpassed and exceptional life  experience.


High prices of Rolex and Patek Philippe vintage watches have made collectors consider less recognized marques. As supply dwindles and prices climb, younger collectors are also more open to discovering previously unheard-of and long-defunct brands at more approachable price points. A new wave of collector interest in vintage watches is seeing under-the-radar brands rise to the surface.

Passion Investment

A strong growing market for secondhand watches, worth several billions worldwide, creates opportunities for owners of watch brands with history. Diversifying the clients portfolio with an investment in the world of luxury offers a capital asset with a unique and exclusive life experience. The rarity of a Swiss watch brand with history guarantees an increasing value, a solid investment with an unsurpassed and exceptional life experience. It grants  access to the primary and the secondary watch market thanks to the brand’s legacy.


The offered digital watch company includes a fully ownership and holds all rights from trademarks to the copyrights of the documented brands’ legacy. Your client gets  his own luxury watch brand, a one-of-its-kind brand, and the best of all: it is a serviced company similar to a serviced apartment. The watch experience is easy to use and comes without any time-consuming steps in-between or hurdles. SWB secures all wished services for an easy going, providing a unique life experience in the world of watches for the watch lover, looking for sustainable investing opportunities.


Additional investment advisory service that combines other financial services to address the needs of your affluent clients may be a new incorporated Swiss company to strengthen and raise its brand equity or tax optimizations. 

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Swiss watch brands with legacy are highly valued because they have a true history and therefore a deeper meaning. They are  everlasting and can be passed on for generations.

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