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Diversify your client's portfolio with a new alternative asset.

Alternative Assets

A strong growing market for secondhand watches, worth several billions worldwide, creates opportunities for owners of watch brands with history. Watch brands and their trademarks are increasingly being seen as an investment class in their own right. SWB's watch brands with history are a bundle of assets. They consist of IP assets, copyrights of the brand’s history and the legacy of vintage watches.


A thriving resale market makes the luxury industry more sustainable —  and more popular with environmentally aware millennials — by supporting a circular luxury economy. 

Passion Investment

High prices of Rolex and Patek Philippe vintage watches have made collectors consider less recognized marques. As supply dwindles and prices climb, younger collectors are also more open to discovering previously unheard-of and long forgotten brands. They offer a more approachable price point. A new wave of collector interest in vintage watches helped under-the-radar brands rise to the surface.

Buying a formerly renowned SWB watch brand with history is a valuable investment in the growing secondary, pre-owned watch market. Each brand is unique and exists only once. The rarity of each brand guarantees an increasing value.

  15 Years market experience.

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Rare Swiss watch brands and trademarks with a rich history are highly valued. They are increasingly seen as passion investments that can be passed on to future generations. In addition, the sustainable business model enables participation in the circular economy.