Brand Offers

All the brands on offer have a great history and are still held in high regard today. With the appeal of nostalgia, the fully documented watch brands provide unique authenticity and originality. Some brands stand for outstanding craftsmanship, others for amazing innovations or important patents. All are presented with a history that bears witness to fame and success over many decades, making for an unforgettable Swiss watch story.

Pictures shows an ALMEDY advert from 1954.

ALMEDY est. 1937

Almédy was founded in 1937 in the famous watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and produced both men's and ladies' watches. The brand, which was active until the 1970s, offers a favourable opportunity to enter the watch business.

ALMEDY is a brand in the category "Economical"

Picture shows a LUSINA advert from 1959.

LUSINA est. 1916

LUSINA, which has become known for its high-quality watches, is an exceptional brand for watch lovers. With an unmatched variety of watch models, LUSINA offers the possibility of a successful relaunch, in line with today's zeitgeist. The most prestigious auction houses such as Christie's, Sotheby's, Antiquorum and Bonhams confirm the prestige which LUSINA watches still enjoy today.

LUSINA is a brand in the category "Professional"

Picture shows a Muralt watch advert from 1960.

MURALT est. 1899

Watchmaking has a long tradition in the MURALT family, which began as early as 1899. Over the decades, MURALT produced both men's and women's watches in many different styles, such as date watches, chronographs, and gold watches. MURALT has been in the watchmaking business for more than a century, providing a rich resource for a new beginning.

MURALT is a brand in the category "Economical"

Exclusive Brand Offers

Picture shows a DRAGA Patent with same Pocket Watch from 1909.

DRAGA est. 1875

The founder of DRAGA was a famous Swiss watchmaker in his time. He exhibited at world exhibitions and watch fairs and also received patents for his inventions. A piece of valuable Swiss watch history, hidden until today, ready for rediscovery.


DRAGA is a brand in the category "Economical"

Picture shows a HOVERTA advert with different watches  ranging from 1916 until 1980s.

HOVERTA est. 1916

HOVERTA had an exceptionally long life and therefore a very wide range of watch models. From jumping hour watches to the quartz watches, this brand offers a wide choice to participate in the current vintage trend.

HOVERTA is a brand in the category "Economical"

Picture shows a WILKA advert of 1902 with a watch from the 1970s.

WILKA est. 1902

WILKA was based in Geneva, which virtually obliged this brand to produce excellent watches. From chronographs to diamond watches, this brand served the highest standards. In addition, the longevity of WILKA offers a wide range of watch models. An exciting relaunch is guaranteed!

WILKA is a brand in the category "Economical"

Picture shows a MONTILIER TELEFOOT advertisement of the 1940s.

MONTILIER est. 1852

MONTILIER Watch Co. is an outstanding company by its history and achievements.

Montilier watches are coveted by true connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide. Especially rare and valuable watch models are auctioned in famous auction houses like Sotheby's.

MONTILIER is a brand in the category "Prime"

Picture shows a BRITIX advert with Chronograph and a racing car from the 1940s.

BRITIX est. 1928

A ready-to-go complete package for the continuation of the BRITIX heritage, consisting mainly of sought-after chronographs.

BRITIX is a brand in the category "Professional"

Sold Brands

ESKA est. 1918 - Sold
ESKA est. 1918 - Sold

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ORANO est. 1918 - Sold
ORANO est. 1918 - Sold

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ELDOR est. 1921 - Sold
ELDOR est. 1921 - Sold

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ESKA est. 1918 - Sold
ESKA est. 1918 - Sold

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