FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the offer?

We provide you with a ready-to-start package (see below "what is included"). The offer differs depending on the needs and usage of the buyer. All offers have a Swiss watch brand in common, which consists of a registered trademark that is fully documented and visualized. The buyer will be the sole and legal owner of the vintage Swiss watch brand.

How does it work?

It's a fully scalable turnkey solution. Combined with a private label watch and drop shipping, you can easily become a real watchmaker with a globally recognized Swiss watch brand. As an aficionado, you may just have a blog on your website and exchange knowledge with other watch collectors.You may continue with collecting, buying and selling your vintage watches of your own brand. Entrepreneurs may wish to build up a business with a revenue generating webshop or some other e-commerce stores like Amazon or Shopify. You don't have necessarily to manufacture new watches, but if you wish so, we do everything for you: from watch design over manufacturing to after sales service. This means that, besides of the already included basic package, you get a bespoke range of services. Like a serviced apartment.

What is included in the basic offer?

You will receive a website under the domain of the brand you purchased, on request with a webshop and much more like - Start-Up package with Swiss Made watches (optional) - Consulting Services - Rights like intellectual property rights (IP) or copyrights - and last but not least: everything you need to know about your brand and its history

What's new?

For the first time you get a ready-to-start Swiss watch brand with Swiss history. With the included brands' website, you are able to participate in the primary watch market (e.g. with your newly produced watches) as well as in the secondary watch market (with collected and pre-owned vintage watches or memorabilia of the brands' legacy) and thus it becomes a full circle. Being owner of such a serviced Swiss watch brand also means being well positioned to meet today's Zeitgeist with eco-sensitive consumers and collectors.

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