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This turnkey solution for entrepreneurs offers much more possibilities than an ordinary private label watch business. This offer comes with a formerly renowned Swiss watch brand. The value in modern watchmaking comes from historic stories, brand equity and archived watch designs. Starting with a new collection, inspired by the most distinctive pieces of a vintage brand tells the story of past watchmaking. You can choose from already existing watch models or create new models. The imagination is given free reign.


Vintage watches are the «next big thing». The trend favors authentic watch brands with the appeal of nostalgia. Consumer demand for vintage products by millennials or generation Z increases greatly, regardless of region or price segment.

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The market for secondhand hard luxury items — primarily watches and jewelry —is worth about €21 billion worldwide and growing at 8% a year, faster than the luxury industry overall.

​Now that shopping world has gone online, it’s the beginning of a new area. If you are interested in building your own online business, you are in the right place and at the right time. SWB offers dropshipping solutions similar to Modalyst, AliExpress or Shopify's OBERLO. You also decide whether you use other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or Flipkart for your new watches. Of course, you can also use your own website as an exchange platform for secondhand watches and act as an consultant for your own brand. The latter will benefit your brand the most and your brand will gain in value.


With SWB's historic watch brands, you have many promising business opportunities. Whatever you finally choose, be it Business to Business (B2B)  or Direct to Consumer (D2C), there is a simple e-commerce solution for you.

  15 Years market experience.

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Starting an online watch business has never been easier. Everything is included in the turnkey SWB solution, similar to a fully serviced apartment.