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Vintage watches offer an authentic experience

Celebrating your passion 

Collecting, hunting and bargaining vintage treasures to celebrate its own brand’s heritage - an unsurpassed and exceptional life experience. Since decades, this is a commonly shared passion by millions of watch enthusiasts. However, with the growing popularity of pre-owned watches, prices of most known luxury watch brands became increasingly overprized and are no longer achievable.

As supply dwindles and prices climb, younger collectors are also more open to discovering previously unheard-of and long-defunct brands at more approachable price points.



Experience the brand, make a memory

Vintage watches are highly valued because they have a true history and therefore a deeper meaning. They are a ticking reminder of the past on the wrist and are associated with nostalgia about “the good old days”. Such brands offer a rich source for vintage watches. Your own watch brand of the past may be still a sleeping beauty but is already being sought out on sales platforms and auctions, having already a community of watch aficionados.


As the owner of such a historical brand, you are entitled to continue an unforgettable brand experience by reporting on the legacy of your brand and thus appear as the guardian and keeper of your brand as well as of Swiss watch history. By sharing your insights, you will also become a leading part of a global community of like-minded watch collectors and enthusiasts.

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SWB vintage watch brands have a long history and stand for authenticity. They provide a rich resource for enthusiasts to trade, blog, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts and watch collectors around the world.