Sustainable Business with Circular Economy.

Meeting the Zeitgeist

Watch brands must offer more than just functional products, because today's customers are looking for an authentic story behind the brand. They are not just buying a watch, but are interested in a brand story with deeper meaning. Many Swiss vintage watch brands have a long history and a living past. It is reflected, among other things, in a rich offer of their vintage watches in the second-hand market.

Your watch brand's vintage watches offer more than just an authentic experience with unique original watches and designs. Second-hand and pre-owned watches are also an expression of an eco-friendly mindset and represent a sustainable lifestyle. Your vintage watches support the circular economy and meet the expectations of Millennials and Generation Z for a sustainable economy. 

Graphic shows that second-hand watches support the Circular Economy.

Circular Economy

Nowadays, collectors of lesser-known watch brands share their expertise on non-specific online blogs, forums, and tutorials. By giving your brand's vintage watches their own platform on your watch brand's website, collectors get a new opportunity to care for their old watches in a variety of ways. Now they can share information or spare parts for previous models in a brand-specific way among like-minded people. Moreover, your revived watch brand can certify or refurbish used watches, which increases their value.

In addition, you can also revive original icons by offering neo-vintage watches based on already produced icons of previous watch models, adding exciting background information and anecdotes from a great past. 

Preserving Swiss Watch History

Second-hand timepieces from originally forgotten watch brands are an expression of an eco-friendly mindset and represent a lifestyle that meets customers' expectations of a sustainable and circular economy.


They also arouse interest in the history of a long forgotten Swiss watch brand and its craftsmanship from the past.

Graphic shows UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The committee decides to inscribe Craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking and art mechanics on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.