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If you are looking for a unique opportunity and are interested in the luxury and watch industry, we invite you to join our team and share in our success. 

We are open to people who enjoy working independently and on their own initiative, providing us with business contacts and connecting us with potential clients and partners.

As an independent intermediary, you will explore markets, identify collaborations and partnerships, and create business opportunities for those specifically interested in our watch brands in the world of luxury and watchmaking.

Through your involvement in evaluating and implementing business opportunities and other strategic decisions, you will play an important role for SWB. Create opportunities for your future career at SWB as a pioneering company in the field of historic Swiss watch brands: If successful and interested, a more extensive collaboration with SWB may develop.

Contact us for more details.

We are specialized in generating value from old brands. For more than a decade, SWB has stood for integrity, accountability, professionalism and trust. Today we are the leading company for Swiss watch brands with history.