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SWB offers watch brands for all purposes. The brand profile varies depending on the buyer's wish. Our consulting services help you choose the right brand to ensure your success.


How to choose the right brand?

What criteria do you use to decide on a car? Family van or sports car? 


Well, a watch brand requires a similar decision. In both cases, you need to determine your needs. As with a car brand, choosing the right watch brand depends on what you want to use the brand for. If you want to make a very affordable fashion watch, it may be better to choose a brand that used to make the same kind of watches. Do you want to make diamond and gold watches? Then you are better off with a brand that used to make such watches. 

SWB's watch experts will discuss your needs and wishes with you and then suggest the most suitable watch brands, namely those watch brands that best suit you and your business objectives. 

So start today with our consultancy package and benefit in the best possible way from the heritage of your brand. Remember: unlike a car, every watch brand is unique and exists only once in the world.


 Profile of the Brands Currently Offered

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