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SWB offers watch brands for all purposes. The brand profile varies depending on the buyer's wish. Our consulting services help you choose the right brand to ensure your success.

Brand Categories for all purposes

For the first time, professionals and watch enthusiasts outside the watch industry can now participate in the growing secondhand and pre-owned watch market. With the right vintage brand, you can participate in the circular economy by offering both newly created watches and vintage watches. 

SWB's turnkey solutions include dropshipping and are designed for an easy and immediate start without any special technical or industrial knowledge. With SWB's advice you will find the offer that best suits your needs and desires. 

Below is an overview of some of the criteria for choosing the brand that works best for you.

More about selected offers

Montilier est. 1852

Many patents for watch cases and movements, a wide range of different watch models, many participations at international Watch Fairs and Exhibitions, several times honored with medals - MONTILIER Watch Co. is a unique jewel. Founded in 1852, Montilier was a world wide renowned company.


Sources of 1874 are saying that at this time the watch factory Montilier became the vey first company in Switzerland as a Manufacture, producing all watch components in-house, including the watch movements.


"Zeitgeschichten" ("Contemporary History") tells the company's history on more than 200 pages. In his brand book, the author, an admirer of Montilier both the watch brand and the village of the same name, recorded more than a hundred years of the company in great detail and richly illustrated.

In the immediate vicinity of the village of Montilier, the Museum of Murten (Musée de Morat) has a permanent exhibition on the Fabrique d'Horlogerie Montilier. Unique exhibits of MONTILIER from the times of early horology can be admired. 


BRITIX est. 1928

BRITIX Watch Co. is a Swiss watch company with British roots. Founded 1928 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Henri Quaile, a watch making family with roots in the famous Watch Valley. The watch company became soon renowned for its chronographs and calendar watches.


From the very beginning, BRITIX exported its chronographs over the world like Mexiko, India or USA to name only a few.​

Still today, there is a lively secondary watch market with sought after vintage watches of BRITIX.

This sales offer is characterized as a fully serviced digital company, similar to a serviced apartment. An all included and ready-to-start package for the continuation of BRITIX' legacy. 

Some brands sold in the past

ESKA est. 1918


GUVARO est. 1952


COLGOR est. 1936


ESKA est. 1918

What our clients say

We got to know SWB as a competent and reliable partner. They were very helpful and we felt informed and supported through the whole process, receiving updated information related with the products they were offering.  As a result, we are satisfied with the transaction, with the product and the services received. Also, after the sale, they have taken care of us.

( Manuel Fernandez, CEO, Coldking Export S.L. )