About Us

The leading company for dormant Swiss watch brands with history.


Our Vision

Many lesser-known Swiss watch brands have played an important role in the Swiss watch industry. These watch brands, which are almost forgotten today, stand for amazing achievements, still surprise with groundbreaking inventions as well as exciting stories of their founders at that time.

With our historical watch brands, we now want to give all watch lovers the opportunity to benefit from the heritage of these historical watch brands and, last but not least, to preserve these almost forgotten brands and their history for future generations.

Unforgettable Treasures.

SWB is a leading brand company when it comes to offering watch lovers a suitable historical Swiss watch brand for relaunch or investment.


We work with startups to established global players, from drop-shipping entrepreneurs to watch aficionados to investors looking for a new asset. Geographically borderless, from the US to Asia to Europe. With our unique and customizable offerings we strengthen and support the dream of all watch enthusiasts to own a historic Swiss watch brand. 

We are passionate about what we do and willing to go the extra mile to meet all of our customers' needs.

SWB Headquarter in Zurich.

SWB Swiss Watch Brands LLC - 8002 Zurich, Switzerland

With the purchase of the brand one gets a piece of Swiss watch history and  is a keeper of earlier craftsmanship and its manufacturer. As the new owner of the brand, you follow in its footsteps and become the only legitimate successor, which continues the legacy of the brand.

You preserve these brands and its watches for the next generations.

For your friend, your love, your children.

Or just as a business opportunity.

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Value 01.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Each Swiss watch brand with history represents a piece of the Swiss wach industries' heritage but many of them are almost forgotten treasuries. SWB meets various requirements with their watch brands solutions and enable customers to act as keeper of earlier craftsmanship and its manufacturer.