The Watch Brand Firm

Our team has 25+ years of experience in history, law and watchmaking. 


Our Vision

We see ourselves as the saviours of an almost lost watch history and preserve the heritage of the old Swiss watch brands with our brand offers. These watch brands are an important part of the watch industry and represent more than 175 years of Swiss watchmaking.

The revival of the secondary market accelerates the upward trend of Swiss vintage watch brands and helps preserve the  heritage of the Swiss watch industry.

Gone but not forgotten:
Swiss Watch Brands with history.

SWB is the world's leading company offering dormant and active Swiss watch brands with carefully researched and documented histories. We transform trademarks with a lively legacy in valuable brands.


With numerous relaunched Swiss watch brands, SWB has a proven track record of its business model. The legacy of an acquired Swiss watch brand allows it to participate in various roles in both the primary and secondary watch markets, as well as the luxury watch market. From start-ups to established global players, from collectors to investors, from the US to Asia to Europe, our portfolio of dormant and active watch brands and trademarks fits all needs.


Our goal is to reinforce and support the dream - and sometimes the need - of private und business clients to own a historic Swiss watch brand. These watch brands are suitable for Private Label businesses, drop shipping businesses, B2B, B2C or D2C as well as pure value investments.

With the purchase of the brand one gets a piece of Swiss watch history and  is a keeper of earlier craftsmanship and its manufacturer. As the new owner of the brand, you follow in its footsteps and become the only legitimate successor, which continues the legacy of the brand.

You preserve these brands and its watches for the next generations.

For your friend, your love, your children.

Or just as a business opportunity.

Sustainable Vintage Watch Brands Supporting the Circular Economy

Watch brands have to offer more than functional products, they also have to live up to customers' expectations in a sustainable and circular economy. Vintage watches are an expression of an eco-friendly mindset and represent a sustainable lifestyle. Today's customers are looking for an authentic story behind the brand. They don't just buy a watch, they are interested in a brand story with deeper meaning.


Swiss vintage watch brands have a long history and a lively past. They offer a rich source for vintage watches.


The committee decides to inscribe Craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking and art mechanics on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Brands' secondary watches offer an authentic experience with unique original watches and designs. These vintage watches support the circular economy and live up to customers' expectations in a sustainable and circular economy.

Vintage watches are an expression of an eco-friendly mindset and represent a sustainable lifestyle.


Vintage watch brands support sustainable business


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Safeguarding of the

Intangible Cultural Heritage


Each Swiss watch brand with history represents a piece of the Swiss wach industries' heritage but many of them are almost forgotten treasuries. SWB meets various requirements with their watch brands solutions and enable customers to act as keeper of earlier craftsmanship and its manufacturer.