Swiss Watch Brand Names, Trademarks, Intellectual Property for Start-Ups and Investors

Introducing Our Watch Brand Firm

SWB is specialized in generating value from legacy brands. We offer a trademark portfolio with a broad range of historic Swiss watch brands to suit various market needs. We also provide clients with premium watch brands and bespoke solutions from conception to launch of their brand.

Awake a sleeping beauty for private label watches with drop shipping 


Invest in a valuable alternative asset with a high potential brand equity 

Participate in the growing pre-owned and secondhand watch market 




Pick up on the latest retro trend and create your own private label watch collection. Distinguish yourself from your competitors with a brand that is still known in the growing secondary watch market. Revive your vintage brand and transform it into a legend. It will contribute to the successful comeback of your globally unique brand.


Wealth Management

Diversify client portfolios with a passion investment in the world of luxury. It provides a capital asset with a unique and exclusive lifestyle experience. Additional advisory services that combine other financial services to meet your clients' need complete this package. Acquiring a rare Swiss watch brand with history represents a valuable investment in the growing secondary and pre-owned watch market


Collectors & Enthusiasts

Buy, sell and collect with your own vintage Swiss watch brand. Participate in the vintage watch trend and in the growing secondary watch market.

Share your experience on social media with like-minded enthusiast and collectors worldwide and become part of the Swiss watch history.

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