Since 15+ years,

we provide the watch industry with

vintage Swiss watch brands.

Now available for ALL watch lovers *

Introducing Our Watch Brand Firm

SWB is specialized in generating value from legacy brands.  We provide business customers and, more recently, private clients all over the world with bespoke watch brand solutions.


Participate in the growing pre-owned watch market *

Invest in a valuable historic Swiss watch brand *

Buy, sell, trade & manufacture your own branded watches *


For the very first time, SWB offers turnkey solutions for all collectors, investors and watch lovers. This solution offers much more possibilities than an ordinary private label watch - it comes with an earlier renowned Swiss watch brand.


Buying a rare Swiss watch brand with history becomes a valuable investment in the growing secondary and pre-owned watch market - and in addition a worldwide unique possibility to participate and support the circular economy. There isn't more experiential life & brand experience.

Whether you just enjoy blogging, collecting and trading in vintage watches of your own brand, or launching a new watch collection, no special technical or industrial knowledge is required. 

The turnkey solutions from SWB are designed for an easy and immediate start without hurdles and can be adapted to all requirements. Getting started with your personal website, there are almost infinity varieties how you can realize yourself.

The most popular ones are 1. getting started in the watch business as an entrepreneur, 2. diversifying the asset portfolio with a passion investment and 3. living the passion for collecting watches.



Take advantage of formerly produced watches of your vintage brand, pick up the latest retro-trend and manufacture your own neo-vintage watch collection. Your brand is still known in the growing secondary watch market and contributes to the successful start of your worldwide unique brand.


Wealth Management

Diversifying the clients portfolio with an investment in the world of luxury offers a capital asset with a unique and exclusive life experience. Additional investment advisory services that combine other financial services to address the needs of your affluent clients complete this package.


Collectors & Aficionados

Buy, sell and collect with your own vintage Swiss watch brand and participate in the circular economy.

Share your experience on social media with like-minded enthusiast and collectors worldwide and become part of the Swiss watch history.

A thriving resale market makes the luxury industry more sustainable —  and more popular with environmentally aware millennials — by supporting a circular luxury economy. 

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