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The Discovery of a Vintage Brand.

SWB offers rare and still hidden Swiss vintage brands for sale. By acquiring the intellectual property rights (trademarks & copyrights) and relaunching your history-rich watch brand, you can benefit from both the primary market for retro watches and the second-hand market for collectors - while increasing the value of your watch brand. Go with the spirit of the times and enter the sustainable world of the circular economy with your globally unique Swiss watch brand.

Participate and become part of Swiss watch history.

Today a lesser-known watch brand, tomorrow a well known brand with high recognition value. The revival of the second-hand watch market is accelerating the upward trend of Swiss vintage watch brands. Benefit directly from this trend, meet the spirit of the times and participate in the world of circular economy with the second-hand and neo-vintage watches of your own historical brand.


Wear a watch of your own historical watch brand on your wrist.

Unique, unmistakable and inimitable.
Just like you.

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ARDATH est. 1935

ARDATH is one of the last available iconic brands in the world. The rich past of this top brand leaves nothing to be desired. 

Bonhams, Sotheby's, Christies's to name a few of many auction houses, have been auctioning the watch creations of founder Edmond Dreyfuss for decades. The Geneva-based brand regularly exhibited at previous watch fairs in Basel as well as at the watch museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds. With strong footholds in all major countries in Europe, the USA or today's GCC countries, Ardath watches were successfully introduced in markets worldwide, leaving a lasting impression from Venezuela to Ghana, from Brazil to Canada, India, Egypt. Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines.... ARDATH was popular all over the world.

Today, ARDATH is one of the most sought-after watches in collector circles and especially their famous Dual-Timezone watch models or the 1960s deep diving watches are in high demand today.

ARDATH is a brand in the category "Prime"

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